Network design, review & installation

When we first start to work with you we will do a complete review of your systems, and evaluate what works well, what could work better, what might need updating and when.

This will include a ‘road map’ of suggested upgrades and policies for the future, so you can budget properly, and are not ambushed by unexpected costs.

We can also completely design your system for you, either around what already exists or from the ground up.

Whether you are replacing old server hardware or upgrading to the latest operating system on existing equipment, we can manage the process with minimal disruption to your business.

We can also reduce the pain of office re-location by managing the move of your IT and telephone infrastructure. We can install anything, from a whole new network in a new building, to setting up remote workers from home, with a minimum of fuss.

With specialist cablers, reliable engineers and careful project planning, a complicated IT setup or relocation can be carried out in next to no time, with barely a blip for your business.