IT Support Services

What support really means is that we make sure everything’s running smoothly, and fix anything that isn’t. 95% of that we can do with remote access to your systems, without setting foot in your offices. So we don’t get in your way, and response time is somewhere between very fast and instant.


‘Logmein’ is a system that allows us to log in to your systems and take control of individual machines to fix problems remotely and instantly. In this way, we can do pretty much everything short of hardware failure without coming to you, saving both of us time and money.

Helpdesk IT support services

We’re on the end of the phone. Us, the people who do the work – not some call centre in the middle of who-knows-where that has no idea about your business. You can talk to us directly, or if it’s easier send an email with the problem and we’ll get on it straight away.

In addition to solving problems when they occur, we will also proactively monitor your systems, carrying out health checks and providing IT support services to ensure issues are dealt with before they become problems.